Claflin City Park

103 E. State Hwy. 4 , Claflin, KS 

  • Playground

  • Covered Picnic/Meeting Area

  • Pool

  • Tennis Court

  • Basketball Court


Claflin Community Gazebo

121 5th Street  |  Claflin, KS 

Community Center Playground

409 A Street  |  Claflin, KS


Baseball/Softball Field

300 W. Pine Street | Claflin, KS


Tennis Courts

City Park - 103 E. State Hwy. 4

Central Plains High School - 700 Albro Street 


Tradition Trail

The rustic trail is 1.12 miles and  begins in front of the high school at the southwest sidewalk, winds around the front of the school, past the tennis courts, north to the tree belt , then west to the gravel drive and follows the grassy path along the western tree line.   It then runs south through the tree belt to the grass and continues south behind the visitors’ bleachers, past the track storage unit and then to the raised knoll near the highway.  Turning east on top of the ridge, walkers then should go to the grassy walkway beside the fence.   Walkers turn north and continue to the Trail sign to complete the 1.12 mile loop. 

700 Albro Street  |  Claflin, KS